Privacy Policy


“The Site” and “Site” refers to

Any use of “We”, “Our” or “Us” refers to the Site. The Site is owned and controlled by Scrum and Kanban Limited and Modern Way Consulting Ltd.

Any use of “You” or “User” refers to the user of the Site.

Definitions are not case sensitive and when given in the singular also include the plural use.

Use of the Site

All users must read the Terms of Use and Privacy policy before using the Site.

By using the Site you agree to us using any information provided by you as described below.

All information that you provide to us is accurate to the best of your knowledge.


You agree that any password or other security measure provided to you by us will be kept confidential. We reserve the right to disable any user if we consider security of the user or the Site to be at risk.

Types of data collected

The Site is designed to automatically collect data (using cookies and other tracking methods). General information about you is collected including, but not limited to, your computer settings, internet connection, IP address, browsing patterns, geographical location.

If you register with us, we will also collect personal data such as name, address, telephone number, email.

Use of information

You agree to us using the information gathered by us:

  • to administer, support and improve the Site;
  • for personalizing your visits to the Site and enhancing your user experience;
  • to find and resolve any faults or breaches in security;
  • to communicate with you (including changes to the Site, new products, competitions, promotional offers, or for obtaining feedback). If you do not want to be contacted by us for these reasons, please email with the subject “Unsubscribe” and do not subsequently use the Site or supply any further personal information;
  • to compile customer reviews;
  • for statistical analysis and market research.

You agree to us sharing your personal information with third parties (including, but not limited to, our suppliers, delivery companies, providers of third party services within the Site, advertisers on the Site, legal entities which require us to provide them with information to comply with applicable laws or have a lawful request for information).

Access to information

If you wish to obtain details of the personal information that we hold about you, or have any other queries, please contact us.